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About Us

We are a company that cares about the health of your business

Our Philosophy

The health of your business and the development of its growth is our priority.  High-risk predatory cash advances, however, are not the answer.  Simply put, we adamantly practice responsible lending, utilizing our various resources to enhance your credit and financial profile to secure the long-term capital funding your business can’t live without.

Our goal is to build a lifelong relationship with your business by investing in your success, and employing a consultative approach of term loans, free credit repair service, and long term cash advances.

Our Process


In Depth Analysis of Your Business

Initial consultation with one of our dedicated consultants to determine multiple funding options--term loans, bridge loans, hard money, and cash advance--to provide a long-term financing solution.


Review of Your Credit Report and Financials

Asset based and revenue based finance can be tricky. By examining the overall financial profile of your business, we employ our expertise in underwriting, saving time and increasing speed of funding.


Credit Restoration/Term Loan Review

Trivial things can prevent you from securing the capital your business needs. With our long-term approach, we repair your credit to make term financing a reality.


and Funding

We present multiple financing options, allowing our merchants to determine the best route of fiscal responsibility.  It’s this process that keeps our clients coming back to fulfill both their short and long term needs.


Why Choose Us?

We Care About Your Business

While many funding companies fulfill their bottom line by taking advantage of their clients, our merchants enjoy a consultative approach and access to multiple products and services

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We Are Different Because We Specialize In:
  • Merchant Cash Advance Consolidations

    One low weekly payment.

  • Term Loans

    Long-term financing based with a low APR, fixed monthly payment, unsecured.

  • Secured Loans

    Creative financing with great rates based on your business assets.

  • Merchant Cash Advance

    Often the most expensive product, it can be a great tool to build your business, funded within 48 hours. We can assist you with better rates than typical 3rd party MCA providers.

  • Business Credit Repair

    Tired of poor credit limiting your options? Let us restore your credit and transition you into a traditional loan.

  • Personal Credit Repair

    A FREE service for every client.

Contact Us

We provide financial consulting for all of our clients, and you can always reach out to your dedicated loan specialist to discuss the financing options available for your business.

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